In 1928 Brewer-Cantelmo Co., Inc. was founded in Manhattan in New York City. The company manufactures quality, hand made, custom presentations to order. Many of the very techniques developed from inception are still used today. In addition, many of the original machines that aid our basic handmade process are nearly 80 years old. 

In the early 1980s Brewer Cantelmo designed and perfected the product that is known as the portfolio book. Many of the innovations that make this item unique were developed in our original location at 116 East 27th St. NYC. Since then, the office, factory and showroom were at 350 Seventh Ave., NYC for 12 years before moving to our current location at 55 West 39 St, New York, NY 10018. All work is done on premises in Manhattan. Our offices, showroom and factory are all located in the same building.

Brewer-Cantelmo prides itself on old world craftsmanship. The training process for factory workers is intense and typically lasts more than a year. The custom nature of the work and the hand-skill required to be successful is complex and requires immense patience and dexterity. With infinite combinations of materials, options, and choices open to our customers, most of the factory work requires creativity rather than conveyor belt style productivity. Our systems are opposite to those of mass production. We train our employees to do the whole job at one worktable rather than one piece of a job on a production line. Further, since all our work is guaranteed accurate to 1/16th of an inch, precision is a practice we demand of every craftsmen and craftswomen.

Since Brewer-Cantelmo is not dependant on machinery, we can truly cater to the customized needs of our customers. We will work with you to create the exact presentation tool you require.