Stamping is the one detail with options that are truly infinite. You can use any size of any font or any logo as a die that gets debossed into your portfolio, menu, or any other product.  

The key to our stamping process is getting clean black and white art to our factory.  If you are using one of our fonts, we will create the art and then send it for your approval.  If it is custom art, then the options include sending us sized black and white art directly, or you can also email us a pdf file that is black and white and sized accordingly. 

Once we have the art in house, we will make a magnesium die that gets used in our stamping machines along with any foil to add color.  All magnesium dies are kept in our library for a minimum of 5 years so that we can replicate your design easily and efficiently on future orders. 


Custom Logos
Foil Colors
Stamp Pressure


10" width each Magnesium Die